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Publications for parents

New Beginnings

Breastfeeding Today

Publications for Leaders

Written communication is an important element in offering information and support. Various modes of communication are the foundation of how Leaders reach out to others, learn new skills, and share information.

Leader’s Digest

PL Advisory




Area Leaders’ Letters

The Area Leaders’ Letter, as a means of written communication, provides each Leader with a tangible resource for meeting ideas, new research in breastfeeding, and happenings around the Area. It offers a venue for promotion of the Area Conference, District Workshops, and other educational events within the Area, Area Network, and LLLI.

Publications for Leader Administrators

The Alliance for Breastfeeding Education Publications Department staff support the Area Leaders’ Letter Editors, in addition to publishing a newsletter, Alliance Link, for all Area and Alliance administrators. The Publications Department also offers information and guidance for Areas who post information and resource materials online, which ensures professionalism and consistency with LLLI policies and procedures.

Alliance Link

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