June-July LLL Alliance Shout Out

The June /July LLL Alliance Shout out goes to the fabulous Area Stat Gurus…. Victoria Albright, Ann Davis, Cathy DeRaleau, Jennifer Deshaies, Michelle Devlin, Abi Henke, Bekki Henthron, Pat Johnson, Kathy Juve, Helen LaPlant, Paula Manley, Rachel Manning, Traci Meiler, Donna More, Bobbie North, Laura Probst, Jennifer Rodriquez, RoseAnn Squire, Mary Swisher, Cathy White, and Lydia Wilkins.

These Leaders work tirelessly to compile and report the Area statistics each June and December to LLL Alliance Stat Guru Extraordinaire Linda Parry. Be kind to these wonderful women when they come knocking at your door for your semi-annual statistics. It is impressive to see the work they are doing and the strength of LLL Alliance as evidenced by our stats! Our Area Stat Gurus are doing a bang up job!