Alphabet Soup

Leader Department
ACLArea Coordinator of Leaders
DCDistrict Coordinator
DADistrict Advisor
Leader Accreditation Department
ACLAAssociate Coordinator of Leader Accreditation
CLACoordinator of Leader Accreditation
LADLeader Accreditation Department
Professional Liaison Department
PLProfessional Liaison
APLArea Professional Liaison
AAPLAssociate Area Professional Liaison
Publications Department
ALLArea Leaders' Letter
APCArea Publications Coordinator
AOCArea Online Coordinator
Communication Skills Enrichment Department
CSECommunication Skills Enrichment
CSICommunication Skills Instructor
Continuing Education Department
ACEArea Coordinator of Events
DWDistrict Workshop
HPSCHealth Care Provider Seminar Coordinator
HPS Health Care Provider Seminar
Finance Department
AFCArea Finance Coordinator
ASCArea Sales Coordinator
AWCArea World Breastfeeding Week Celebrations Coordinator
GFA Group Financial Assistant
Books and Reference Materials
BAB The Breastfeeding Answer Book
LHThe Leader's Handbook
WABThe Womanly Art of Breastfeeding
BAMSBreastfeeding Answers Made Simple
Other Common Abbreviations
ACArea Council
BODBoard of Directors
LLL AllianceLLL Alliance for Breastfeeding Education
MMRMonthly Meeting Report
NGANo Group Affiliation